“Hotel Guest Books”

When you like reading, it goes beyond regular books. You can find pleasure in reading restaurant menus, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and hotel guest books. Most of the hotels place some kind of guest book in their rooms that tell you about the hotel, contact numbers, dining menu, places around to see and similar kind of information. I have this compulsive need to read through the hotel book every time I check-in into a new hotel room. So why not write about my experience of reading these books that I read so indulgently.

The amount of information varies by the standard of the hotel. In a smaller hotel, you will probably find few leaflets and in a high class hotel you will find leather-bound heavy book that probably takes hours to go through. There is some information that is present in all the books like contact information, emergency exit plans but some enterprising hotels provide much more information about the history of the hotel, city and tourist places around the hotel.

What I find very annoying is when pages are missing from the book or when previous guests have written or damaged the book. If the hotel wants to keep the book they need to make sure it is in good condition while making the room ready for new guests. I am not impressed if it is leather bound or not. What I am looking for is the information that I need when I am new to the hotel as well as city. It is a digest that will tell me what facilities will I use and which places will I visit in the city. And if it is made in a small booklet that I can take it back with me, great. It will also act as memorabilia for me.

I don’t know if I am amongst very few who still like to read the hotel book or if there are many more out there who like to read such hotel books.

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