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“Joy In The Morning” By P. G. Wodehouse Is A Sheer Joy

My love affair with P. G. Wodehouse and his characters Jeeves and Wooster continues and become stronger by the day. “Joy in the morning” is a real gem even from Wodehouse standards. It is the best in comfort reading and humor at the same time. There were times when I just burst out laughing while reading this book. The humor is in the situation, characters and most of all in the language that author writes.

The story is as simple as the life of Wooster. He goes on to stay in rural Steeple Bumpleigh to help husband of his Aunt Agatha and ends up in comedy of events. He is trying to help his Uncle in business, trying to help his friend in getting married, trying to avoid getting engaged to his ex-girlfriend, trying to avoid violence from ex girlfriend’s new fiancée who is now a policeman and trying to avoid getting in path of Edwin the boy scout who is on a mission to do kind acts. Of course, there is a lot of goofing around till Jeeves is able to sort it out for everybody involved.

I really wonder how Wodehouse manages to use English language so beautifully. He can write about a simplest situation and describe it in such an involved way that it comes alive in front of your eyes. Actually, it is much more than that. Who can think of describing his friend as “Boko’s a frightfully good egg”? Another one of the great sentence “I paused for a moment to listen to the tootling birds. Then I raised the map, and allowed the beaming sun to play on it”. In another place, Wooster is telling Jeeves to go and have fish so that ideas can be generated to save him.

I can keep on turning pages of this book and find such masterpieces on each and every page. I do not know if there is any other author who could write in a similar way as Wodehouse.

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“Right Ho, Jeeves” Another Masterpiece By P. G. Wodehouse

I am coming back to write about P. G. Wodehouse after a long time even though I have read many of his books in past few months. Most of the books that I read were short stories and to write a post about short story is rather difficult, though in case of Wodehouse, each one of them is a masterpiece on its own. This time I found “Right Ho, Jeeves” that is a full length novel and an amazing one. It is very hilarious and very comforting to read anything from Wodehouse. While reading this book, I ended up laughing all the way.

The plot of the story has all the usual twists and turns. Bertie is trying to help his Aunt, her daughter and his friends at the same time and he wants to do it without taking help from Jeeves. He actually comes up with nice ideas but somehow ends up in worse situation every time. In the end when everything is going wrong, he turns to Jeeves for help who once again manages to bring the situation back to normal but extracts his price by managing to burn Bertie’s jacket that he had not liked.

The whole idea of Wodehouse stories is not the complexity of the plot but the language and characterization. I almost felt as though I was reading poetry or a work of art rather than just a story. The scene of Fink-Nottle giving speech in a school was one of the best comic scenes and so was the part involving Anatole, the great chef at Aunt Dahlia’s house. Some places where Bertie is trying to put down Jeeves in the matter of telling him “Yes Sir” or “Sir” in response to Bertie’s ideas is amazingly done. If that scene were to be done on Video, it would have been easy but to capture the nuance of speech in written word in not so easy. In another place, Bertie and Jeeves communicate just by raising their eyebrows or repeat what each other is saying. I can actually go on and on describing all the scenes in the book.

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Jeeves and PG Wodehouse

This is one author where I have taken maximum time in becoming a fan. I came across the name and books long time ago. Lot of my friends were reading Wodehouse and loving it. I think I borrowed some book at that time and probably tried reading it but I could not connect with the author at that time. Probably, I was not mature or was too mature to enjoy his reading at that time. It has happened to me with many authors where I have not liked them in first reading. The connection was not established. I think it is a kind of relationship not different from a dating. Sometimes it may not work and sometimes it may become a huge success with the same person at different time. I guess it depends on your mood, the kind of story you picked up, environment and the time you give to it.

After many years, I again tried my luck with Wodehouse last year. This time the connection got established immediately. I was immersed in the world of Jeeves and Wooster. The stories are epitome of comfort reading. The world of Wooster is so simple and yet full of adventures that it provides an almost soothing balm on today’s stressful life. The life for them revolves around friends, relatives, vacations, simple matters of heart, the simplest of pleasures and discomfort. Wooster likes his life to be predictable, simple and full of pride. But the world around him constantly challenges him in achieving this goal and his valet Jeeves is always there to help provided his master agrees to his demands in terms of clothing and other artistic tastes.

Sometimes when a story starts, you feel that this is too simplistic and in fact try to guess the outcome but Wodehouse always manages to surprise you. I feel that writing complex stories involving spies, weapons, nations etc is probably much more easy as compared to writing something so very simple. The story could be so simple where they are trying to get rid of a difficult guest at friend’s house or trying to make sure that a particularly difficult kid is not having fun at their expense or trying to get away from one of the relatives. The theme is similar but variations are endless.

I have finally become a fan of Wodehouse in last few months. I try to keep at least one new book at my bedside. There are days when I don’t want to read anything complex or difficult. Reading a spy thriller or non-fictional book is not an option. What I want on these days is some simple story to provide me comfort. I will not be stressed about thinking of the end. And at such times I pick up Wodehouse and get myself immersed in the world of Wooster and Jeeves.

If you are looking for some comfort reading there is nothing that gets better than this even after so many decades.


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