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“The Cuckoo’s Calling”, By Robert Galbraith aka J. K. Rowling

Most likely I would not have read this book or even came across this if J. K. Rowling was able to keep it a secret. Once the secret was out, there was no way I would have missed reading it. She had written this book under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith and the secret was known to very few people but somebody ended up giving a hint. I read somewhere that somebody did a writing pattern study using some complex algorithm to figure out that it was actually written by same person who wrote Harry Potter. I am not sure whether this is true or not but I am sure glad that the secret came out.

The cuckoo’s calling is a detective mystery series in the similar tradition of Sherlock Holmes. Here the detective is Cormoran Strike and sidekick is his secretary Robin. First book is the story about supposed suicide of supermodel Lula Landry. Her adopted brother hires Strike to investigate the suicide. As it happens with such mystery stories, the investigation starts to unravel unknown facts, details that police could not find and eventually a very unlikely ending.

I like mystery series like this once in a while but more importantly I liked the interactions of Strike and Robin. She joins as secretary but slowly Strike realizes that she is much more valuable and is an asset in the investigation. Their personal equation also evolves during the story. It is not romantic since Robin already has boyfriend but it borderlines on getting there. It may not be the intention of author but I will definitely look forward to some romance happening between Robin and Strike down the line.

Of course this book is not comparable to Harry Potter and probably no book will ever be. But the aura of Potter series is such that I will read everything that Rowling ever writes.


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Satyajit Ray’s Feluda Detective Stories

I had of course heard about Satyajit Ray’s movies and his international following but when I came across the books written by him, I was surprised and picked it up out of curiosity. I was surprised to see that it was a short story book and on top of that detective stories. I have now read all of them and I am glad that I came across this series. Feluda is a private detective. The stories are written from a viewpoint of his cousin who lives with him.

All the stories are actually very simple in their formulation and characterization. That was not the age of organized crime or terrorism. So Feluda mostly deals with issues related to theft within some family or organization and sometimes with murder. Most of the time he is with his cousin and another writer friend and all of them travel together to solve the cases that keep on coming to Feluda in all the stories.

Typically, each story starts with Feluda receiving a visitor with a case for him or Feluda receiving a letter or Feluda travelling to some holiday destination and then coming upon some case at that place. The story moves with Feluda and sometimes his cousin or friend making investigation and slowly finding more clues. Feluda can change appearance very easily in the course of investigation. But he normally does not tell all his clues to his friends. The stories normally end with all the characters present at the same place and Feluda unfolding the mystery in front of them. The stories are about using investigative skills and intelligence to solve the case rather than using power.

Even though the stories are detective in nature, it is actually a comfort reading. These stories were written for kids but I have enjoyed them a lot.


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