Books Finding Their Readers?

As a reader, we believe that we search for good books but sometimes I really wonder whether it is other way round. It seems to me that Books find their readers and not vice versa. There are times when I have picked up books that I wanted to read based on reviews, past experiences and knowledge about that author. In such cases, I can say that I was the seeker and searched for the book. But how do I explain when I have picked up books at random without any idea about author or subject and realising that the book I picked was the one that I needed the most at that time in my life. Something about the title, front page, location of book on the shelf, your mood, type of shop or any number of other factors come together and result in love at first sight. In such cases it was probably the book that was seeking the perfect reader.

It is probably like finding a true friend, guru or love of your life. It happens when the time is right and you need it most. Similarly, you end up with the book that you need the most. In my case it is the book that provides me the helping hand. For others who are not book readers, it may be friend or guru. It happened to me with “Don’t sweat the small stuff”, “Predictably Irrational”, “The Secret”, “Glimpses of World History”, “The Language Instinct” and many more. I did not know that I needed that kind of book but it was right on spot.

In some cases, I have picked up a book at random and it has remain un-read in my bookshelf for years. Probably the time was not right when I picked it up. But then someday I started reading them and realized that the right time had come to read that book. Even if I had read them earlier, I would not have appreciated them as much. It also tells me that I should continue to browse in bookshops and not end up doing online shopping of books. Probably there is some book lying in the corner of that bookshop waiting for me to pick it up.


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2 responses to “Books Finding Their Readers?

  1. sg

    these are what i call moments of enlightenment. books, articles, quotes, a talk u just happen to listen, even a sentence from a song – sometimes they just fit into ur own circumstances and show u the path u need to follow.


    • pkg

      It is a kind of cosmic connection between the seeker and destination. Maybe it is available to us all the time but rarely in such moments we get a glimpse of it and then our daily life and judgement clouds the connection.


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