“Fifty Shades Of Grey”, By E. L. James

I definitely picked up this book based on the publicity that it was getting in media and social networking sites and the way it was projected as Twilight like series and also the re-emergence of female erotica writers. But after reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”, I am now confused as to what I liked more in this book. Of course, the explicit depiction of physical relationship between Christian Grey and Ana is interesting to read. At the same time it is more interesting to follow the thought process of Ana that has been explicitly depicted in the book. You are looking into the mind of Ana all the time and sometimes wonder whether all women think so much and like this. It also reminded me of the movie Amelie that is featured from viewpoint of young girl.

The author E. L. James has managed to create an interesting topic as well as storyline and made it a legend with generous use of erotica. The story is about young college graduate Anastasia Steele and business magnate Christian Grey who wants Ana as his submissive. Ana is in love with Grey and also in awe of him but she is also fiercely independent girl with her own thoughts and draws her own boundaries.

When Ana is in presence of Grey, she is hardly able to express her thoughts but she is able to do that very well in emails. It is one of the first books where I found email communication added as part of the text and it makes an interesting reading. There is an element of thrill where you keep on wanting to know how their relationship will evolve. I am not sure whether I am going to pick up the sequels or not but I enjoyed reading the first part.

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