Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead

Reading this post again I feel like reading Fountainhead once more

I and Books

I think writing about Ayn Rand is the most difficult things. But let me make a try. I was introduced to this book by friend in college. I read first few pages and then left it. I could not go through first 10 pages in multiple tries that I made. But then one day I picked it up and read it till Howard Roark goes to Henry Cameron. Once I read the passage where Cameron is angry at Roark for coming to him for work and at the same time threaten him if he goes anywhere else; I was hooked. This was the point where my relationship with Ayn Rand’s work truly began. I read through the book and after that I have read multiple times both Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I will cover about Atlas Shrugged some other time.

At a top-level, Fountainhead is a love story of a…

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