Jeeves and PG Wodehouse

Re-blogging. Some of these are refreshing even for me to read

I and Books

This is one author where I have taken maximum time in becoming a fan. I came across the name and books long time ago. Lot of my friends were reading Wodehouse and loving it. I think I borrowed some book at that time and probably tried reading it but I could not connect with the author at that time. Probably, I was not mature or was too mature to enjoy his reading at that time. It has happened to me with many authors where I have not liked them in first reading. The connection was not established. I think it is a kind of relationship not different from a dating. Sometimes it may not work and sometimes it may become a huge success with the same person at different time. I guess it depends on your mood, the kind of story you picked up, environment and the time you give…

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2 responses to “Jeeves and PG Wodehouse

  1. Jeeves….the name itself evokes excellence in service!


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