“Ukridge”, By P. G. Wodehouse

My fascination with P. G. Wodehouse grows with each new book that I read by him. This time it was “Ukridge”. This is a different character than the earlier ones like Jeeves and Blandings. This is actually a collection of short stories based on the character of Stanley Featherstonehaugh Ukridge. The stories are written from the perspective of his friend Corky Corcoran who is most of the times at the receiving end of Ukridge’s idiosyncratic money-making ideas.

The schemes are great and Ukridge refuses to see any shortcomings in his schemes. He is always most hopeful of grand success but needs just a little help from his friends. He wants to create a dog training college, earn money through accident insurance, selling fake tickets for his Aunt’s club and betting on Battling Billson. Even when he fails in all his schemes, he refuses to accept defeat and is ready with another scheme with the same confidence. He manages to convince his friends to take up completely absurd tasks for him and when it fails he simply ignores the whole incident and moves on. He may not have money in his pocket but he is ready to help anybody all the time.

It is really amazing to read about such a character in this book. There are times in our life when we all have come across such people who want that little help for their grand schemes. As usual Wodehouse is great in those simple conversations, metaphors and use of English language rather than the story idea to make it interesting. Once again a masterpiece of book and great reading.

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Filed under Fiction, Humor, Short-Stories

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