“Brides Of The Kindred”, By Evangeline Anderson

A very different genre of books that I came across. This is a mixture of erotica similar to “Fifty shades of Grey” and Science Fiction. I was intrigued by the combination and picked it up and “Brides of the Kindred” books have kept up to my interest. Brides of the Kindred is a whole series and last time I checked it was at 15th book. Evangeline Anderson is able to publish a new book every few months. The way it is going she can keep it up as long as she wants. She just needs to keep on imagining newer types of Kindred. I have read few of them but I am not going to write about them as individual books but will write about series in general.

The series is about a species from different planet that has men with different characteristics but very few women. So they come to earth to get brides. Every type of Kindred has a unique characteristic or technique to mate and the author is exploring each type in a different book. The idea itself lends to all kind of imagination and fantasies that people may have about mating and the author has capitalized on that in this series. She is able to include Vampire effects, threesomes, mating of the mind and so much more with her imagination. There are science fiction ideas about travel between planets, space-time folding and advanced medicine but they are mainly to support the idea and not become the main story. Along with science fiction, there is also Goddess and Evil playing their role that can seem a little off but still ok.

The main story still remains as Kindred men trying to find earth brides. In a way all of them are standard love stories where men are trying to woo the women of their dreams (literally) and eventually win them over. The same theme is played over and over again in each book. The writing style is breezy, simple. This is not literature but it is a good reading. Since the imagination is from a women author, she has kept women as same across planets but men are of different types

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