“Safe Haven”, By Nicholas Sparks

Very interestingly, I have seen lot of movies that are based on Nicholas Sparks’s books but had never read any book by him. Even in the case of “Safe Haven”, I first noticed the movie but then came across the book before watching the movie. It looks like the author has perfected the art of writing touching, mixed with tragedy and romantic books that are very easy to adapt to movies and both books and movies have done very well.

This is the story of Katie who comes to live in a small town but is very reserved and does not want to mingle with anyone. She is almost scared to settle down or to reveal her past. Her neighbor helps her to overcome some of her hesitation and she falls in love with store owner Alex and his kids. The story unfolds to reveal an abusive policeman husband of Katie from whom she has been running away. She had tried running away earlier but was found by her husband. This time she planned it well and was able to hide for many months but eventually her husband is able to find her. There are twists and turns and a surprise ending.

The story reminds you a lot about “Sleeping with the enemy” but it extends the post runaway story more with romance between Alex and Katie. The most important part is of course appearance of a ghost that was surprising and something that I really did not like. I like surprises in romantic stories but not involving the ghosts even if they are friendly ones. In this story ghost is not the imagination but the actual real person somehow validating the concept of ghosts in real life. I was thinking of watching the movie after finishing the book but now I am not so sure.

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