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Joy Of Reading And Sharing

There has never been any doubt in my mind about the joy of reading from the time I have become conscious of myself, from very early childhood. Books have always given me pleasure of learning, finding about things, places, people and everything about this world. The joy of sharing, however, I have discovered more recently. Till some time back, books were meant for myself and they were source of joy and information for me. There were times when I could share some information with friends as story-telling but the primary joy was still in reading.

This change where I started finding joy in sharing came more recently. I found that sharing of thoughts and information with other readers of books was also pleasurable. This pleasure was also of different kind. When you start sharing, you are not just repeating the words that you have read in the book, but you are sharing what you have understood in your own words. In a way you take the role of an author who is creating a new story that may be very closer to what you have read but it is inherently your own version of it. I guess that makes it more pleasurable.

Another aspect of sharing is finding those other readers who may have understood it in same or different way. In this way a small thought evolves in different ways and takes on multiple shapes and can give rise to many new thoughts as well. When I share books with somebody, I am never talking about a single book. My thoughts are a mix of multiple books that I might have read thereby creating some unique combinations that I myself could not realize until I started sharing.

I wonder whether someday I will discover the joy of writing as well.


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Lessons From Geese On Sharing And Compassion

This is about a short article that I read sometime back about how Geese fly in a formation that I want to share. The article was very short but very inspiring for me. We have all seen group of birds flying together going to their destination but there is a very strong logic in what formation they make. By their simple habits these Geese end up telling us lot of important things.

When Geese fly in “V” formation, the birds in front create uplift for the birds in the back reducing their work by large amount. Just by staying in same formation, these birds can cover great distances without getting tired.

Whenever a Goose fall out from the formation, it will immediately feel that it is having to do more work and will automatically joins back the group.

When lead bird gets tired, it changes its position and somebody else takes up the lead position. That way they keep on sharing the most difficult position with each other.

The birds from behind make encouraging honking noises for the birds in front to help them fly faster.

I think the most important trait is that if one of the Goose falls sick or gets tired and is unable to fly, two of the Geese accompany him to the ground and wait for him to get ok and then take him along. The birds have learnt the art of sharing and compassion and is a real lesson for all of us.

On another note, I went to see aero show recently and I was looking at various aircraft being manoeuvred very well by pilots. At the same time, I was also seeing one Eagle in the sky flying close-by. It is really amazing that even the super-advanced technology and skill of pilots cannot match the effortless and majestic flight that Eagle was showing.

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