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“The Bear And The Dragon”, By Tom Clancy; Jack Ryan Series

This is another of Tom Clancy’s political thriller with the main character as Jack Ryan. The scale of this book was enormous and almost presenting the evolving power equations in the world. The books by Tom Clancy even though fictional are written with such details and plausibility that you almost forget that it is fiction.They almost read as war room scenarios that some experts are sitting and predicting based on the data that they have today and trying to figure out how situations will evolve.

“The Bear and the Dragon”, presents a similar scenario where Russia is coming out of economic crisis by the discovery of oil and gold deposits in Siberia and is becoming increasing closer to US, but China is developing imperialistic plans to handle its own economic crisis and is clinging to communism more strongly than ever. Eventually, it results in war between China and Russia with US and NATO forces helping Russia. It also shows the threat of nuclear war and use of ICBMs. The book is usually fast paced and I have always liked the character of Jack Ryan who is shown as President of United States in this book.

There are some other interesting sub-plots. One is about strict enforcement of one-child rule in China and how it results in violence. In another sub-plot an US spy befriends secretary of Chinese political leaders and is able to provide crucial information back home. Even though I have liked his books for the kind of detailed information they provide, I have also felt that it is very heavily biased by the western view of world.

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