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“Persepolis”, By Marjane Satrapi

The name and the cover of the book attracted my attention in the bookstore and when I flipped the pages I found that the story was written in a comic strip form. The information on the back page was intriguing and I picked up this book without having any more information about it. “Persepolis” which is reference to ancient capital of Persia (Today’s Iran) is an autobiographical account of author Marjane Satrapi about her growing years in Iran before and after the Islamic revolution and her years spent in Europe where she went for college education.

The story tells us how a little girl growing up in Iran gets influenced by revolutionary ideas against the Shah of Iran even though her own family had one time served the King. The protests, killings and eventual revolution had a deep impact on the girl but after the Islamic revolution and start of Iran-Iraq war things begin to change. Her parents send her to Europe so that she can study. Here she undergoes conflict between her traditional upbringing and the freedom in society that she encounters.

This book was a wonderful change where I was reading a comic which was not superhero centric or meant for children. The story was serious but depiction in comics made it lighter to read and more enjoyable. Revolutions, war, protests change the destiny of the countries but their impact on children and families can be much more devastating. I really liked the way tradition, religion and new age values have been mixed together in this book. I wonder why this genre of comics is so rare.

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