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Harry Potter And King’s Cross Station

While reading Harry Potter once again I was hoping to finally understand the mystery of King’s cross chapter in last book when Harry gets “killed” by Voldemort’s Avada Kedavara curse and meets Dumbledore in someplace that looks like Kings cross station. But the mystery still continues. I have still not understood what all is happening in this part of the story.

Of course it is clear that the last remaining soul of Voldemort that attached itself to Harry while he tried killing him for the first time gets destroyed this time and Harry comes out of this as whole. But why does he himself not die. Is it the magic of resurrection stone that saves him or is it just that the curse can kill only one soul and ends up killing the parasite soul and not Harry. We read about a small helpless child crying next to Harry. Who is that child? Is it indicative of Voldemort’s fragment of soul or something else.

How Dumbledore end up meeting Harry at this stage. Why does Dumbledore not come out when Harry’s parents, Lupin, Sirius come out to help him when he rotates resurrection stone in forbidden forest while he is going to offer himself to Voldemort. Also, in the end Harry asks Dumbledore whether it is real or happening just in his mind and Dumbledore tells him that it is happening inside his mind but why does he think that it is not real. Now this is a very profound statement for a philosophy book but does not really help in this story.

I wonder whether others have also found it difficult to understand this particular chapter or is it just me. It is true that the story here moves in the realm of death and life and everything may not be easy to explain. Perhaps, J. K. Rowling intentionally wanted to leave it that way but I would have really liked to understand it better.

Maybe I still need to read it more to understand or I may find some explanation on the Internet. If you understand it better, please share.


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Spencer Johnson’s “The Present”; The Secret To Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now!

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book Dumbledore announces while being forced to leave Hogwarts that “Help will be given to those at Hogwarts who ask for it”. I have found that it is true for me in a different way. It seems as though some unseen identity has decided that “Help would be given to me through books whenever I need it and am ready for it”. It has happened to me before and it has happened again. I have been reading “The Present” by Spencer Johnson for quite some time now but I was reading it in bits and pieces. I did not finish it till recently and probably it was good because I was not ready for it.

The book is about how we should live in the present moment and how that can help us to be happier and more effective. It talked about learning from past and also planning for future. I was reading it with a bit of scepticism since these are very common sensical thoughts and I had read them before in many other books. But recently I finished reading the book and the final words made the true difference for me. In the end the book says that “Realize your purpose and explore ways to make your work and life more meaningful”. Once again it is not something new but it made great sense to me in the current situation. Any planning, living in the present or learning from past can be futile if you do not have or follow a purpose in life.

This is a very simple and short book like others from the same author and he has put his thoughts in a form of a very simple story. Actually, it can be read in one sitting. But I think it was good that I read the book over many weeks and slowly grasped it.


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