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“The Inscrutable Americans” By Anurag Mathur

This is one of the funniest books I have ever read by an Indian author. When Anurag Mathur had written this book, India was still not connected with rest of the world through TV and Internet. For the hero of the book who is a simple and “virgin” guy from India, America and Americans were really Inscrutable. The book is a story of this simple guy who goes to America to study and along with studies his another main motive is to lose his virginity.

His friends in America try to introduce him to Dating and try to get him into mainstream of their culture but he finds the whole thing very baffling for himself. The kind of letters that he writes back to his parents are truly amazing and I was really laughing very hard while reading them. He remains virgin throughout his stay in America but his trials during the stay will bring tears to your eyes with laughter.

Besides fun, the book also points to the huge cultural difference that existed at that time between people of two countries. The author has of-course stereo-typed both American and Indian people but still you feel that it must have been close to reality.

The world has changed between then and now. Today an Indian travelling to US will probably not feel that alien and will know more about US as compared to Americans. This is really feel good reading that will keep you smiling for a long time. You are more likely to start grinning suddenly thinking about some incident in the book for many days after you read this book. At least that is what happened with me.


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