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“As The Crow Flies” by Jeffrey Archer

I found this book to be of slightly different nature amongst many of the fictional books that Jeffrey Archer has written. He is known for writing thrillers with a twist which do not fall under fast paced suspense thrillers but still keep you hooked till the end. This book is different as the thrill and twist factor is missing here. It is one of the very simple story of a fruit and vegetable vendor or as Jeffrey Archer calls it “Barrow Costermonger” who goes on to create the biggest retailing business empire.

The character of Charlie is of most simple man who just wants to buy biggest Barrow in the world to sell his fruits and vegetables. Eventually, he ends up doing it as he creates biggest retailing empire. He is shown as a very nice guy and he meets in life some very nice people who help him in his business venture. The beauty of this book lies in its simplicity. How Charlie rises from being a barrow owner to a shop and then to expanding his business looks so simple from Charlie’s point of view that you feel that it was the most natural thing to happen in the world.

There is some twist in the story in the end related to the family succession but it all ends well in the end. The best part in the book is of-course in the end, when Charlie goes back to selling fruits and vegetables on a barrow because that is what he likes doing and that is what he is best at.

This is a very feel good story which brings up lot of hope for life, honesty and hard work. You need to have good common sense and not all the degrees in the world to be successful in life in whatever you do.


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