“Inheritance”, By Christopher Paolini; The Final Book

There was a long wait after the third book Brisingr, but finally the fourth and final book “Inheritance” is here and I have also finished reading it. This was one of those books that once started needs to be finished quickly. Christopher Paolini has finally managed to bring back the interest in the story that he had lost in the third book. This is the book of war between Varden and Empire and their eventual victory. In such a book, we all know that good will always win over the bad and therefore the end of the book is already known but the suspense is in knowing how it happens. I also think that he stretched the book unnecessarily after the killing of Galbatorix.

The book has its share of twists and turns. There are small wars where once again Roran proves his mettle. Eragon and Saphira along with Elves provide magic and all other races of the Alagaesia come together in their fight against the Empire of Galbatorix. The main twist is about Eragon finding about protected Eldunari of many dragons as well as unhatched eggs that were kept in safekeeping when it was certain that they were not able to fight Galbatorix. Now the power of these lost dragons adds to the power of Eragon and using that they are finally able to kill Galbatorix. There is an interesting twist of Murtagh falling in love with Nasuada and finally helping Eragon against Galbatorix.

The most interesting part for me in the book was about “true names”. It is a great concept and I think has a lot of philosophical value as well besides being the magical concept in the book. It says that people have to struggle hard and do lot of soul-searching to find out their true name that completely describes them. But once they learn it, they benefit from knowing about their true nature. Also, if you share your true name with another person then you are almost handing over your life to them. I believe that the concept is true in our day-to-day life as well. The biggest struggle that all of us face is knowing about self and being truthful about it. Maybe, that is the secret of biggest sages throughout the history that they learnt truth about themselves or in other words they learnt their “true name”.

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