“Brisingr”, By Christopher Paolini; Third Book In Inheritance Cycle

I finished reading the last book in Inheritance cycle but before writing about that I wanted to write about “Brisingr” as well that is third book in the series. I feel that the author Christopher Paolini faltered most in this book. I would have liked him to finish the series in this book but he seemed to have stretched the story to its limits by adding more confusion and more characters.

In some sense Brisingr is about the preparation of war with Galbatorix by Varden. It is this book when Eragon’s brother Roran proves himself as strong fighter and leader. Eragon manages to get his sword Brisingr. There are lots of plots and sub-plots involving many characters and I have almost forgotten about most of them. Some of the fights are important where Eragon, Saphira and Arya or Roran fight together as one unit and in later book this understanding comes out to be really useful for them.

One of the interesting concepts worth mentioning in the book is about Eldunari that is heart of hearts of a dragon. Eldunari contains all the energy of the dragon and it can remain alive outside dragon’s body and continues to function even after dragon is dead. Eragon gets to know that Galbatorix has collected many Eldunari from the dragons that he had killed and that is his main source of immense power. Eragon and Saphira’s teacher dragon Glaedr gives away his Eldunari to Eragon to help him in his fight against Galbatorix. But Glaedr and his rider dies at the hand of Murtagh.

Brisingr ends with Varden army invading the empire for the final fight.

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