Book Addiction; Is It For Real

We have all heard and probably said it sometimes “I just could not put down that book, once I started reading it. I had to finish it before doing anything else”. I have known people who have stayed overnight to finish the book that they started reading. There are people who leave everything else that they are supposed to do and finish the book that they started. I do not know if book reading has been the cause of conflict among the couples as TV watching is, but I would assume that there must be some cases of this as well.

The addiction that I am talking about is not reading books all the time. It is about getting hooked to a particular book and story and finding it difficult to do anything else and there is almost maniacal tendency to finish the book before thinking about anything else. Not every book can have this kind of effect on its readers but some authors have mastered the art of writing such books. Dan Brown and Jeffery Archer’s name comes topmost in my mind. They have a tendency to finish each chapter of their book on a suspense note and then you start reading the next one and then next one and so on.

I have myself been through such times when I could not put down the book that I was reading. In most of the cases I have regretted it later. The adrenaline rush that you get when you are in the middle of suspense takes away your energy once you finish the book and there is a time when you find yourself lost and sometimes unable to do anything else or start a new book. All these are symptoms of addiction and then withdrawal. It sucks you in and then leaves you completely high and dry. I have sometimes felt that the books where you are able to take a break and still enjoy it as much are much better. They are more like slow wine that takes you at a high and keep you there for a longer time.


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6 responses to “Book Addiction; Is It For Real

  1. There are very few books that can grab me in a way where I dont want to stop reading, Dickens A Christmas Carol is one such book and I have read it many times and will read it many more. I am not saying other books I read are not well written, it just takes a special author to captivate in that way.


    • pkg

      I guess it requires that connection between author and reader that makes the book captivating. I should read Dickens definitely.


  2. This is very true! However, i find a problem in the type of book which is so compelling that you need to keep reading it through the night to find out what happens: you read it far too quickly and sometimes miss things, so it’s always necessary to re-read it at a slower pace once you’ve finished it!


    • pkg

      I think it happened to me mostly for harry potter books that I read through them once but then read them again and found things that I had not noticed. But there are some books that I read fast due to suspense but I had no intention of reading them again.


  3. I can relate to the addiction but I used to feel the adrenaline rush while reading suspense and thrillers earlier but now i mostly feel the rush only for a gripping work literature or historical fiction or biography!!


    • pkg

      I guess that is the change in taste as we grow in our hobbies and interests. At one point of time I could not read non-fiction at all but now I love the genre and its various forms. In most cases it is the writing style that binds you more as compared to the subject and probably that is the secret of successful authors as well.


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