“To Catch A Smile”, By Vivek Kumar Agarwal

Another IIMA alumnus, becoming a writer. Looks like the bug is really catching all of them. The author Vivek Kumar Agarwal though is a bit different. Instead of going for chicklet or romantic comedy, he has chosen short stories to let his inside author come out. “To Catch a Smile” is an interesting collection of short stories that are really short. These are not stories where you might find a plot, the background and eternal climax telling you the end result of the whole story. These stories are very simple statement of human emotions. In the endless life, he has picked up a moment and created a story about that moment.

Most of these stories are really short and simple. As an example, there is a story about a guy who is going away for studies and his two friends who are girls have come to drop him. One of them likes him and in the last moment of catching train he seem to realize that as well as his own emotions for her and the story ends there with him saying “I will never know what I have missed”. There is a story about a painter who is trying to catch a smile of the woman he is painting. A story about two lovers meeting after a long time not knowing why they were meeting again. A story about a guy dying in accident and meeting somebody who is already dead.

All these stories are about catching these human emotions of love, hate, apathy, sadness and many others. To me, it was a very different genre of short story writing. I have liked the short stories of Archer style that are short but still full of drama and mystery. In this case there is no drama and certainly no mystery. It is just the idea of capturing a moment.

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