Abhijit Bhaduri’s Second MBA, “Married But Available”

This is the second book by the author Abhijit Bhaduri. His first book was “Mediocre But Arrogant” and it was about the life of MBA student. Now the same student is entering corporate life and this book “Married But Available” is about his first few years of life in job. He has kept the acronym same as MBA for this book as well. The title of the book is very interesting and showcases the growing infidelity in marriage life in modern society.

The story starts with our hero getting a job in a family run industry. As a first MBA in the company, his visibility is high and he finds himself in a very unique position. As he learns about industry his personal life also moves through marriage and then tough times in personal and professional life. There are many stereotypes in the book and there are places where you end up with a smile on your face. At the same time, the book does not have enough substance to take it to completion or make it a memorable read.

Based on the title, I was expecting much more depth at marriage and relationships but looks like title was decided more from the idea of maintaining the acronym and less to portray the storyline of the book. I liked the part where he is adopted by the neighbors as their own when he first goes to join the company. His fights and eventual reconciliation with the trade union leaders is also portrayed well. Actually the idea of this book is really great but I think the execution could have been much better.

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