“The Dogs Of War”, By Frederick Forsyth

I normally like books that come with lots of details about the story and the plot. But Frederick Forsyth’s books have too much of details and sometimes you feel that it may not be worth reading all of it and it will be better if the story could move a little faster. “The Dogs of War” is one such book. It starts off very well and I liked the way story was unfolding but then it started to drag on and on and was difficult to finish in the end.

The story is about one British Industrialist who gets the knowledge of huge platinum deposits in a small African country that has allegiance to Soviets. He devises a plot to overthrow the regime in that country with the help of mercenary soldiers and install a puppet government so that he can get all the benefits of mining. The group of mercenaries do succeed in overthrowing the government but they make sure that a fair person is chosen to head the country who is not a puppet in the hand of industrialist.

The details of planning the coup in African country are long and comprehensive. It starts from getting the right people, equipment, ammunition, ship and all the associated planning to achieve the objective in hundred days. I liked the details in the beginning but then it dragged on and on and I had started to lose interest. Thankfully, the execution of coup is fast and quick and with some twists that bring excitement to the story. I was reading somewhere that the author was able to provide so many details due to his own involvement in some such activity. Who knows whether that is right or not?


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