“A Prisoner Of Birth”, By Jeffrey Archer

I guess the author Jeffrey Archer had written this book after his stay in the prison and hence it is really good in details about the prison life. “A Prisoner of Birth” is a murder, suspense and legal thriller all combined into one. Written in usual Archer style, this book is difficult to put down once you start reading it.

The story is about Danny who is convicted of his friend’s murder that he has not committed and sent to life sentence in prison. Here in prison he makes friends with two people one of whom has a striking resemblance to him. He prepares himself in prison to fight his case again and at the same time starts learning more about Sir Nicholas who looks like him. With many twists and turns in the story, he is able to escape the prison, get the wealth of Sir Nicholas who died in prison and is also able to clear his name of the murder so that he is able to unite with his girl friend and child.

Some of the things that I really liked in the story are related to prison life. The author has been able to provide all the details about inside of prison. I also liked the character of his lawyer and then lawyer’s father who eventually wins the case for him. It is shown how the vast experience of senior lawyer comes to his rescue. The courtroom drama is amazingly portrayed. I also liked the relationship between Danny and his girl friend. It is very simple and not overtly romantic but the girl friends stands behind him through all the trials and tribulations.



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3 responses to ““A Prisoner Of Birth”, By Jeffrey Archer

  1. The name of the Archer book I read and loved is called “A Matter of Honour”. Well worth trying to get your hands on a copy………


  2. I read a Jeffrey Archer book years ago. Can’t remember the name , it was about a 100 year land treaty between America and Russia. I think I remember a tryptych being involved. I have another to read on my shelf. I remember it being a gripping read though!


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