Travel Is Related To Reading And Writing

I have always wondered about the relationship of travel with reading and writing. Is it necessary that you need to be a good traveller to be able to write well or maybe get time for reading? If you like to read different books then definitely you get to know about different places and cultures and the desire to go and visit those places also becomes stronger. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that people end up traveling more when they are fond of reading or at least they wish to travel more. Typically, for an avid reader books are always a companion when they are traveling.

Traveling to new places and experience of meeting with different people also enhances your world view and that definitely helps writers as well. I think the whole idea of being away from your normal routine also opens up your senses for new experiences. You are able to see the differences between your way of living and other people. Travel need not necessarily be to a different country or a different city. It could as well be within the same area as well. I have come across some stories by writers about their own city that they have experienced in walks around lesser known places.

When one is traveling then it is important to be observant about your environment. It is important to blend in and go beyond the tourist circuit. I have seen some people who get very comfortable talking to local people and mingle with them whereas there are many others who are just interested in looking at buildings. At some level, I am telling myself that if I were to become a writer some day then it is important to pack bags and go around the world and mix with different people and cultures.


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4 responses to “Travel Is Related To Reading And Writing

  1. Satheesh

    The same thought must have come across the minds of many writers like William Dalrymple, who has made it his vocation to trace the footsteps of ancient travellers like Marco Polo & John Moschos and in the process written masterpieces such as “In Xanadu” and “From the holy mountain”. Both books rank high on my list.


  2. I dont really travel much, but I do like to read and write, but when I do travel I have new things to write about


    • pkg

      Travel opens new world experience for us and put our mind into fast learning mode. It is really amazing how travel can induce people to write masterpieces


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