“My Uncle Oswald”, By Roald Dahl

I had read the name of Roald Dahl when some reviewer had compared J. K. Rowling to him. I read many of his short stories meant for children and they are really good. But I had also heard about “My Uncle Oswald” which was described as the book suited for adult reading and I was curious about it. When I finally read the book, it was amazing, funny, erotic and a complete nonsense making you laugh.

The story is about Oswald who finds a perfect aphrodisiac in Sudanese blister beetle and goes on to create a business empire. He uses a female accomplice and then seduces all the famous men Kings, scientists, scholars and artists using the aphrodisiac and start collecting their sperms. The idea was to sell these sperms to mothers in the next generation who were wishing to be impregnated by them. Of course, it does wonders to his own relationship with women but he is more interested in creating this business empire. I wonder how he never got into trouble with his book. He has used the names of all the famous personalities of Europe and how he and his friend goes about seducing them.

The book is very graphical in its description and of course is meant exclusively for adult audience. At the same time, it has interesting storyline as well. I wonder why more such books are not written. I guess it requires guts to come up with such books and not get stereotyped after that. I also wonder whether such perfect aphrodisiac exists in reality.


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