“Wheels”, By Arthur Hailey; Story Of Automobile Industry

As usual by the author, Arthur Hailey, this book is a combination of perfect research, lots of details and a gripping story on automobile industry. He has not written too many books but whatever he has written can provide you inside out information about a particular industry. “Wheels” as the name suggests does the same for automobile industry specifically dealing with the mass production of cars and how it affects the industry as well as people who live in these cities.

I remember a sub-plot where a dealer is trying sell a car and how he uses his convincing powers, acting, fake calls to his bosses to sell a car. At all times he is trying to show to the buyer that he is their friend but is trying to extract as much as possible from them. How dealers make more money from service, insurance as compared to sales of the car. There is information about how the cost of each part is so important. When a company finds a problem with the test drive of car and has to come up with a solution that will cost few dollars more to cost, they go into hyper-drive as each and every dollar matters to them.

There is an interesting description about how the cars manufactured on Monday and Friday have more probability of having defects as compared to something that is made on middle of the week. One of the more moving story was about a worker who suddenly gets a job in auto industry and then gets trapped into loan sharks. What happens when a poor man is suddenly given a power of credit card. He goes and buys whatever is possible without realizing that he will never be able to pay it back.

There were so many of such interesting sub-plots in the book and all of these open your eyes about some aspect of social situation and industry.

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