“One Day”, By Ardashir Vakil; A Book Left Unread

For the first time, I am writing about a book that I have not finished and I do not have any intention to finish it as well. “One Day” by Ardashir Vakil is something that I have failed to understand. On top of it the story seems simple and is about a mixed race London-based couple who are going through bad times in their marriage. The story unfolds on the day of their son’s birthday. Simple idea and I was looking forward to some interesting story about relationships in today’s world.

The book starts on an erotic note about wife satisfying herself with husband reading on the bed on the side and just keeps going downhill from there. It is very confusing going back and forth about their relationship that is wild, unpredictable and complete nonsense to me. I was still trying to continue reading to make sense out of the book. When I reached the part where husband is monitoring a cooking contest and one of the contestants start filling his body with the food with the help of surgeon and readying himself to cook on fire, I realized it was enough, Yuck, Yuck, Yuck and almost feel like puking.

I really do not understand what was the intent and what was the author thinking about when writing such a scene and story. On top of it, such kind of writing is described as post modern writing and is actually praised by many. I think in such cases the liberty of writing is taken too far off. This book will remain un-read since I do not have any intention of resuming it.


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