“Where Eagles Dare”, By Alistair Maclean

I have always believed that you get to read the book that you need at that point in life. How it happens, I do not know but it does happen and it has happened to me many times. “Where Eagles Dare” is one such book that I started reading when I actually needed to read something like this. Sometimes, we get bogged down by our own problems in life and many small things start looking as real big issues. At such times, reading any book by Alistair Maclean brings you back to reality. His books are war thrillers and have stories about soldiers who are just on the edge of death and torture all the time and still ready to face any eventuality. Once you start such a story, your own problems begin to look like very simple and not worth worrying at all.

In this book a commando unit of British soldiers gets to the headquarters of German secret service in world war II to rescue a captured General of Allied forces. The mission itself is extremely daring and difficult. On top of it the story has multiple layers with double and triple agents getting exposed on the way. The actual mission is very different and involves exposing German spy agents in British forces. The book is extremely fast paced and keeps you hooked till the end. The humor in the face of death is amazing and zest of life of these soldiers really motivates you.

This book has also been made into a movie and in this case movie was also very successful with some of the top actors of hollywood working in it. I have not yet seen the movie but I will try to see it soon. It will be good to see how they have shown the castle and the sequences involving action on top of cable car.



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5 responses to ““Where Eagles Dare”, By Alistair Maclean

  1. You will like the movie – it is mostly true to the book (probably because Alistair MacLean himself wrote the screenplay!).

    If you’d like to explore other Alistair MacLean books (& the movies based on them), please visit my fan site: http://AlistairMacLean.com.


  2. It’s kind of a simpleton reason, really, but I checked your post because I know of the Iron Maiden song sharing the same title LOL.

    I’ve read Alistair McLean before, however, and I enjoyed that book very much. It was The Guns of Navarone. I was in a hurry to pick something up for a book report I was assigned during college, so I figured this book about WWII and a team of demolition experts was going to be okay; instead, I had a blast reading it, and the movie is just as amazing.

    How does The Guns of Navarone compare to this book?


    • pkg

      I think Guns of Navarone was better both in book as well as in movie in terms of story and screenplay. But in case of Where Eagles Dare, they have got a good star cast.


    • I ranked both the book and the movie of _Where Eagles Dare_ slightly higher than the corresponding versions of _The Guns of Navarone_. But in both cases, they’re among MacLean’s best. (If you want to find some other good MacLeans to read and/or watch, check my site for recommendations.)


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