“Gone With The Wind”, By Margaret Mitchell

It is one of those books where writing about it is very difficult because the book has so many different ideas and shades. It is also difficult to put this book into one category. It covers a lot of history, the way of society and it is a love story of a girl who survived some of the most difficult times in American history. “Gone with the wind” is the story of Scarlett O’Hara who is a daughter of plantation owners and the story takes place during the American civil war.

Scarlett is born romantic as well as a practical person who is looking for love and security of marriage in the changing circumstances of civil war so that she can live comfortably. She is unable to marry her first love and then the person whom she married dies prematurely. Her second marriage also ends early and then finally she gets married to Rhett Butler with whom she has had love-hate relationship for a long time. But their “honeymoon” relationship runs into a rough weather very soon.

The book has a tragic ending and you feel sad for Scarlett who is unable to find love and happiness in her life. Even though the book is about Scarlett and her love life, the parallel story of civil war and slavery also touches your heart. The book is written from the perspective of plantation owners and hence seem to justify slavery, still it provides a glimpse into the life of people at that time whether owners or slaves.

This was one book where movie also became as successful as the book. Even though the author Margaret Mitchell, did not write any other book, there have been many sequels written by other authors. None of them have been as popular though.


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2 responses to ““Gone With The Wind”, By Margaret Mitchell

  1. princy alexander

    I don’t think the ending makes you sad because Scarlett is left alone. My heart goes out to Rhett, who loves her in a deep, raw kind of way but ends up with no feelings of emotion for her ( which in my opinion is so damn sad). His parting sentence, ” My dear, I don’t give a damn,” is earth shattering in its unfeelingness and lifelessness to the child-woman he had loved. Scarlett is portrayed in such a way that you believe she will be able to overcome antthing that comes her way.


    • pkg

      It is a very different way of looking at it. I guess men and women will probably have different opinions on this. But it is true that Scarlett’s portrayal is such that she could overcome anything.


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