“Dork: The Incredible Adventures Of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese”, By Sidin Vadukut

It is a perfect light reading book when you really do not wish to worry about literature or history. “Dork: The incredible adventures of Robin Einstein Varghese”, is a new age chick lit that leaves you laughing and wondering about consulting business as well. I should not be saying that Sidin Vadukut has followed the style of Chetan Bhagat but still there are many similarities in authors as well as writing.

This book is about a management graduate who gets into a job in consulting industry and his whole life seems to be a series of goof-ups. The preposterous way of him getting a job, the way he ends up in wrong situations at wrong time, the complete absurd-ness of doing consulting work but most of all his confidence in himself that never goes down. When you read about a character who is facing trouble all the time, you normally feel sympathetic towards him but in this case, the author has not left a single good thing about him. In fact, I felt bad when he actually tastes success through another series of goof-ups.

I am not sure whether I should call it my fortune or mis-fortune but I have not seen this aspect of the industry in my career. I was trying to find out something good about the industry in the whole book but it was satire all along. Some of the episodes in the book really stand out. The idea of using excess ball-bearings to create a memorial of a dead dog who died due to ball-bearing is absurd and really innovative. The interview of Einstein in the end is horrible and hence extremely funny.

I feel that there must be a lot of Robins out there. It will be fun to meet some of them sometime.


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2 responses to ““Dork: The Incredible Adventures Of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese”, By Sidin Vadukut

  1. Satheesh

    Glanced quickly thru the book. It is yet another in the series of IIM/IIT folks turning to writing fiction. The one passage that caught my attention is how the author’s Consulting Company milks a manufacturing firm. The principal consultant who is advising on cost cutting charges the firm for Rs 38K for a night’s stay. I have read somewhere that a Consultant is one who charges you to tell you something you already know OR something that you do not need to know.


    • pkg

      Very true. Not sure how the consulting business works. If a company needs someone from outside to tell them what they are doing wrong then probably it is too late anyway.


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