“Revolution 2020”, Chetan Bhagat’s Commentary On System

My love-hate relationship with Chetan Bhagat’s writing continues. I had really liked reading “Two States” since the storyline remained integral and did not confuse. A single idea creating the story and taking it to completion. Unfortunately, “Revolution 2020” is not the same. The plot confuses you even though it tries to cover so many topics in one story. It is author’s commentary on India’s education and political system but does not have enough depth to make a mark.

This story is about three friends who grow up in holy city of Varanasi. Two of the boys, both love the same girl, their third friend and girl is completely confused about both of them. Both the boys also have strong ambition. One wants to bring in a revolution and other wants to become rich. What happens in the end is a very messy affair between all of them and you left wondering about the aim of the book.

I liked the three-sided love story angle in the book even though it has been done so many times. Reading it in the narrative style of this author brings some freshness to the story. It is very contemporary and keeps you hooked till the end. But looks like the author wanted to go beyond the love story and ended up mixing it with issue of corruption and education. He talks about how young people prepare for engineering entrance examination and how it has become an industry on its own. How a person who does not get admission in Engineering college ends up opening his own Engineering college. Amazing idea! but what was the need to mix these two plots together.

Even though I am complaining about the book, I still could not put it down after I had started reading it. You want Gopal to win everything in life and not Raghav who is actually after the revolution. Gopal remains the loser who ends up hitting big time in collaboration with corrupt politician but ends up loosing his girl due to his “good” nature. Does it make sense? Looks like it makes to this author. It is quite possible, I would have felt good if Gopal had won the girl in the end.



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