“Patriot Games” By Tom Clancy; Jack Ryan Series

I was in mood for some fast paced action thriller and what better than Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series books. I became his fan after reading “Executive Orders” where Jack Ryan becomes US president. Patriot Games is chronologically the first book in this series even before “The Hunt for the Red October”. In this book the fight is against Irish terrorist group who tries to kidnap British Royals and Ryan manages to save them. Now the terrorist group  is after Ryan and his family and strike against him twice in US.

In this book there is less of intelligence work shown by Ryan and there is more of fight sequence where he directly gets involved in terrorist operation. In later books he is shown to be doing more of intelligence analyst work. The story is more on predictable lines with lot of details about plans, police work, intelligence gathering and fight sequence. In the end Ryan manages to escape and saves the Royal family again and all the terrorists are arrested and are put on trial.

I liked the sequence where Ryan’s interaction with Royals is shown. When he is interacting with Queen then he is a different character but when he is interacting with Prince, he actually talks to him man to man and helps the Prince to come out of gloom. Another important aspect is details on policing and investigating work. Sometimes police gets lucky with some information but then they do real comprehensive work to nail the culprits.

I got to know that even this book was made into a movie. I wonder how that movie will be.

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