“Goldfinger”, By Ian Fleming; My First James Bond Book

James Bond is probably one of the most commonly known names across the world due to the series of movies that have been made with the character. But I think it will be very less number of people who would know the name of Ian Fleming who is the author behind the James Bond books and that included me as well till some time ago. I did not think earlier that these movies are based on very successful series of books written by this author. When I got to know about it, I obviously wanted to read the book and that it how I came across “Goldfinger”

The story on its own is good but on predictable lines. James Bond comes across Auric Goldfinger who is the main villain in this book and catches him playing dirty in a game of cards. Slowly, he figures out that this person is not a small time crook but a big criminal with backing of international group of terrorists and smugglers. The climax is really interesting with this villain planning a biggest robbery of tons of gold and how James Bond is able to destroy his plans and in the end destroys the man himself.

The story is short but the detailing is huge. A game of Golf is described in so much detail that I think it takes more time to read it as compared to the time it will take to play that game and that is saying a lot considering that Golf is a slowest game possible. Once James Bond is captured by the villain, it almost looks like that he does not have a chance to escape but we all know that the heroes like Bond never die. It was also interesting to read about the Indian connection for gold smuggling and the fact that the demand for gold is highest in India.

Overall a breezy read. I am planning to read more of Ian Fleming in coming months.


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