“Eldest”, By Christopher Paolini; Second Book In Inheritance Cycle

I had written about “Eragon” in the beginning when I had started this Blog but then I could not get to “Eldest”. I have read the third book “Brisinger” as well but I will write about that some other time. The author Christopher Paolini was supposed to write it as three book series but he did not finish it in three books and there will be fourth and hopefully final book. Eldest picks up the story from where Eragon ended.

I liked the initial parts of Eldest where Eragon and his dragon Saphira travel along with Arya to the place where Elves live for Eragon to get trained. The training is meant for both Eragon and Saphira. Eragon is trained by dragon rider and Saphira is trained by dragon. I liked the way author has shown love of Saphira for the dragon and how she is rejected. At the same time Eragon’s love is also rejected by Arya. The relationship of Eragon and Saphira continue to become stronger and better. After training, the story moves to battle between Varden and Empire and becomes more complicated.

During his training Eragon is asked to concentrate on his surroundings so that he can understand the life that exists around him and be able to listen to all the material and non-material things around him. I really liked this description and how the world becomes a different place for him once he had trained himself to sharpen his senses. There are many other sub-plots that continue in the book and they have their own merits but somehow I did not find them to be very interesting. The first book was really nice but I have been loosing interest in the subsequent series.


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