“The God Of Small Things”, By Arundhati Roy

This book “The God of Small Things” when came out created a lot of hype and media attention and after winning booker prize, it became more popular. Author Arundhati Roy has written many other non-fiction books after that and she is now more popular with alternative politics and I do not agree with her political views. I read this book at that time on recommendation from my friends and found the book to be very interesting and breezy read. I do not remember most of the story from that time but it was one of those books where description of environment and society is more important as compared to the main storyline.

The story is about twin brother and sister growing up in small town of Kerala. Their family story is very complicated with multiple unfulfilled love stories, caste issues, breakdown of families, politics of the day and all the other small things that leave indelible impression on their mind. The narrative also moves back and forth in time making it more complicated to understand. The story ends when twins meet after a long time and end up recognizing that their love for each other is greater than all relationship they had till then.

The book uses lots of details and language from local customs of Kerala and that was its main selling point to many of the Malayalam speaking people. It also tries to look deeper into the ills of society and covers many forbidden topics that everybody knows but never talk about. The book is also supposed to use many techniques of writing with many nuances and layers of interpretation but I had not understood most of it at that time and I doubt that I will understand it now.


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