“The Kite Runner”, By Khaled Hosseini

I had read this book “The Kite Runner” some time back but I was hesitating to write about it here even though I liked the book. I should not say I liked the book since I felt really bad reading this story of common people who are devastated by politics and war. In this case liking the book would mean that the author Khaled Hosseini has done a great job of putting the story in such a way that you immediately empathize with the characters.

The story is written in first person narrative and is about two young friends Amir and Hassan living in Kabul before soviet invasion, an era that is mentioned as peaceful and prosperous. Amir, the protagonist ends up in a situation where he acts cowardly and is unable to save his friend from atrocities of bullies. He also ends up accusing his friend of stealing so that he goes away from his house. Times change and Afghanistan sees soviet invasion and then rise of Taliban. Amir, leaves for US with his father and settles down but after many years returns back to Kabul to save son of his friend.

The book is exceptional in its detailing and the author manages to create a picture of Kabul in reader’s mind. I really felt like enjoying kite flying and then I wanted to do something to help Amir and Hassan who became victim of their circumstances. Even though the story unfolds in the political backdrop of changing events in Afghanistan, the author has tried to keep the narrative focused on individuals and the hardships that they faced rather than getting into political discourse. It is a grim reminder to all of us that it is the common people who end up suffering the most in the fight for supremacy of ideals.



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4 responses to ““The Kite Runner”, By Khaled Hosseini

  1. BRB

    The Kite Runner is a very sad book but the best book I have read so far and I have recommended this book to many people.


  2. The Kite Runner is on my to-read list. It sounds pretty intense.

    I hope you have a great November. 🙂


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