Dale Carnegie’s “Little Known Facts About Well Known People”

This is probably Dale Carnegie’s least known book. He is so much more famous for his book “How to win friends and influence people” but I will write about that some other time. When I picked up this book, I had great hopes to learn interesting stuff about well-known people and to some extent it satisfied that curiosity as well. Also, the book is written in same easy-going flow as he has used in other more famous books. But “Little known facts about well-known people” is not in the same league as the other books.

He has picked up characters from all walks of life, some of them his contemporary and some from history and has tried to highlight their quirks and interesting habits. All these little stories are interesting but they fail to make a coherent thought across the characters and also in the story of same character. Sometimes, he has also digressed and while writing about one person, he has picked up a fact and then starts writing about other people with similar history. One specific case is of O. Henry. He tells that Henry started writing during his jail term and then starts telling about many other great authors who started their writing career during jail terms.

Also, his contemporary characters are more than 100 years old now and do not evoke as much interest in me. Some of these little known facts have become public knowledge through other forums like movies and Internet and have lost interest. Even with all these backdrops the book is a breezy simple reading and keeps you interested enough to take it to the end. But there is little that I have taken away from the book.

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