Almost All Books Take Moral High Ground

In Harry Potter series of books, there is a mention of books that actually teach you how to make a Horcrux that is the most evil form of magic. There is also a mention of restricted section in library which is to be accessed only with permission and which has all these books describing about dark arts. This led me to think about real life books and why we do not see books that actually teach you how to do wrong things. A manual on breaking into a house, gambling or doing con jobs (maybe more but I do not wish to go in that direction); scientifically explained with details.

Most of the books that are written and are present in libraries are about stories where good always triumphs over evil or there are books about some real life events but written with compassion. Of course there are some thriller books where authors go to great details about how a criminal is planning and executing the crime but these are work of fiction and mostly have details which are really not easy to do in real life. The author tries to show that despite the criminal being so intelligent, they always get caught by police. There are restricted sections in library but they are meant primarily for adult stuff related to sex and relationships.

Maybe such books do exist somewhere but they get banned and never come to mainstream market and are only available in grey market. I am not complaining here. It is actually a good reason for all of us to encourage reading habit in kids. The chance of kids getting something good out of the books is so high due to the nature of book writing itself. Sometimes, I wonder if I had access to really easy tricks for gambling or con-job, would I be tempted to indulge to buy that book or more interestingly use that book for some extra money? I guess I will never know. Will you?



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4 responses to “Almost All Books Take Moral High Ground

  1. Satheesh

    In the latest SRK movie, “Ra-One”, SRK’s son asks him to create a game in which the villain is indestructible. But, somehow, as in other instances, good does triumph over evil eventually.


    • pkg

      If we look at history then it is also the case that whoever wins gets recognized as good eventually. After all, it is the winners who write history.


  2. Haha.. i dont know if i would buy.. but i would definitely check it out.


    • pkg

      Something forbidden always creates curiosity in us but I guess there is reason for them to be forbidden but I would also like to check them out.


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