“The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference”, By Malcolm Gladwell

Interesting title, bestseller tag and summary on the back page was the reason I picked up this book and it was lying with me for some time. Even when I started reading it recently, I expected it to be informative but not something that will hook me. I was proved wrong, the book is actually very sticky (to use the expression that author has used in book). The concepts are scientific and about social behavior but the examples that he has chosen and the language of the book makes it very readable.

The Tipping Point is about the moment of critical mass that results in major sociological change just like a virus will create an epidemic suddenly. The principles that he has used are “The law of the few”, “The Stickiness Factor” and “The Power of Context”. I think each one of them are very interesting concepts on its own but combined together they form a very powerful thought. The examples also that he has taken are from Hush Puppies success, New York Crime rate reduction, smoking and many more. Very simply stated, he is saying that for any social change or message to reach a proportion of epidemic, you need to have few but very suitable messengers, the message and the way it is delivered needs to be sticky and the message itself needs to be in right context.

I am sure many of his thoughts can be contested or argued upon but it cannot be denied that they are powerful factors. I found the description of “Power of Context” most interesting. There are times when I have felt why the message that I wish to convey is not making an impact. May be I need to do it differently.




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