“Animal Farm”, Amazing Spoof On Humans By George Orwell

This is another of those books about which I had heard and read long time back but I read the book very recently. “Animal Farm” is one of the most amazing spoofs that I have read on human beings and their political system. George Orwell has taken farm animals as his lead characters and then used them to describe what happens when corrupt leadership takes over a revolution. It is a very short book but the message is enormous and to the point.

The story is about a farm where animals revolt against the owner and create an equal society with seven commandments. The fundamental idea being that “All animals are equal” and denouncing all the bad things about human beings. The idea works well in the beginning but slowly Pigs who are leaders of this revolution start taking over and their corruption and evil intentions start showing up. Animal society does not realize the significance of it but their condition becomes much worse where corrupt leaders enjoy the luxury and all other animals live in pitiable condition. Eventually, the commandment is replaced as “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

The story is a commentary on impact of communism and corruption in leadership that can bring down any revolution. Even the choice of characters is great. Pigs (pun intended) as leaders, horses as hard workers, dogs as security, sheep as blind followers and donkey as the wisest animal. The book ends where farm animals are watching pigs give a dinner party to other owners of farm including human beings and they realize that they cannot tell the difference between faces of pigs and human beings. The book shows how easy it is for the society to degrade and how corrupt leaders use ignorance of society to rule them and still show them false dreams.







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2 responses to ““Animal Farm”, Amazing Spoof On Humans By George Orwell

  1. Down on the farm, we are living the dream, only its not our own. Its Trevor’s.


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