“Only Time Will Tell”, By Jeffrey Archer

It is so good to be back to write on blog once again and what better than writing about Jeffrey Archer’s “Only Time Will Tell”. According to author he is attempting something bigger than “Kane And Abel” this time and that is really something. The book is about life of Harry Clifton and in this first part it traverses his life from birth till around 20 years when he goes for world war II and escapes to US. I was probably expecting it to end at more logical point and I was really left for wanting more when it suddenly ended with Harry being captured by Police for crime he had not done on landing in US. That is typical of Archer’s style.

The book not only is a great story of perseverance of Harry and his mother Maisie but it captures the life and times of UK in that era beautifully. The concepts like fight between rich and poor, child or unwed mother, grit and determination of mother for her child, small society getting together to help precocious child are age-old and have been used in so many books. So it is the style of writing which has to keep you binding to the story and still keeps your interest alive at each chapter. You can almost feel the situations that Harry goes through in his life.

Another interesting aspect is how author has developed other characters as well in the book besides Harry and his mother. Old Jack and Emma are as essential to the story as are various teachers who influence Harry’s life. The fight is still between right and wrong, good and bad but then there are lines that get blurred. There are sensitive situations of Harry and Emma’s relationship that are expertly handled. I am surely looking forward to the next one in this series






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