“Think And Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill

“Think and Grow Rich” is another book in genre of Self-Help that has been famous for 70 years now and in many ways relevant today as well. I guess the title was given to woo the readers during the time of great depression in US but the ideas in the book deal more with helping people to become successful in their lives and workplace. For a serious reader this title is kind of misleading. When I had seen this book earlier, I had not picked it up thinking that it must be a collection of hack tricks. Later I found reference to this book in many other places and ended up buying it. The book does not dish out easy tricks. In fact there are some very interesting concepts which are presented in the book in very convincing ways.

There are some simple steps about ability of people to market themselves for getting better jobs but that is the only easy part described in the book. Rest of the book is more about discovering one’s abilities, having strong desires and ability to execute plans. But most important aspects of the book are related to control and use of your own thoughts and making them work for you. One of the concept that struck me was that the only thing that is in absolute control of an individual is his own thoughts and nothing else. But we try to keep on changing the world without getting a handle on our own thoughts and then fail miserably. Of course, having control over your own thoughts is not an easy step and can be extremely difficult.

Another important aspect in the book was related to our fears. Napoleon Hill has given very convincing argument about how our own fears can become a hindrance to our success. His logic that Doctors do not fall sick so often because they do not fear disease is very interesting and true as well. It is important for us to not have a fear of failure to be able to succeed in life. Overall, a good book to read. You can get more information at







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2 responses to ““Think And Grow Rich” By Napoleon Hill

  1. I like your review about this book , I will pick it up next time I start a new book.




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