Abhijit Bhaduri’s MBA “Mediocre But Arrogant”

There are now so many new age authors in India and many seem to be the ones who have done MBA from some prestigious institute. Maybe, it was Chetan Bhagat who started this trend but no one else has got the same success. Abhijit Bhaduri is also one of those authors who did his MBA and “Mediocre but Arrogant” was his first book. I had not heard about the book before and just picked it up while browsing in the book store. I was intrigued by the title. He has kept the title such that acronym will be MBA. In fact, he did the same for his next book as well but that story some other time.

The book is an average story about life in the institute. The whole idea of staying in hostel and making great friends at this stage of life itself is worth a story for everybody who has gone through this phase of life. On top of it there are idiosyncracies of various teachers, pressure of studies and combination of freedom away from home creates some of the unique experiences in life. Then there is masala about girl friends, open relationships and you have an interesting book to time pass.

One thing that I remember about the book is the incident about quintessential Canteen owner (Almost all institutes have one whom everybody remembers) who is friend, philosopher and guide to all the students besides meeting their requirement of food and long credit lines. This canteen owner has a very unique way of identifying which companies pay better. If a student gets a job in a company and comes back to pay his dues then that company is good and pays well but if the student does not come back to pay the dues then the company where he joined must not be paying enough salary. The simple logic of a canteen owner surprises and amazes you. He believes his students all the time and gives them benefit of doubt even if they do not pay his dues.

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