Alistair Maclean’s “Force 10 From Navarone”

I finally managed to read “Force 10 from Navarone” by Alistair Maclean even though I had bought it long time back. This is a sequel to his other famous book “The Guns of Navarone”. The same characters Mallory, Miller and Andrea from earlier book are chosen to go on another mission just after they destroy Guns of Navarone. This time they are asked to get deep into Yugoslavia in a secret mission to help Yugoslav Partisans against Germans and Chetniks.

This mission is described in multiple layers and the true nature of the mission is not clear till the end of the book. This book is about double, triple and multiple crosses. Enemy playing friend and enemy at the same time and Friends playing enemy with each other. It gets confusing at times but true to his style, author has handled the story very well and I remained glued to the book till the end.

As is true with most of the books, the timelines of the mission are within one or two days and time moves really slow and characters in the story move really fast. They are shown almost as superhumans who are able to achieve something great even with lack of sleep and rest.

I had a very different effect on me with this book. We get so much worried by the stress that we feel in our lives and specifically during at our workplace but truly speaking what we have to go through is really nothing. At worst, we may get angry remarks from our bosses or customer, we may get less salary or in a really worst case get expelled from our jobs. But when people like Mallory go on their work, the best thing that can happen to them is probably death and worst would be falling into hands of enemy and getting tortured. No doubt that our life is difficult but when compared to our war heroes, we actually live on bed of roses.


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