Bollywood Chicklit “Right Fit Wrong Shoe” By Varsha Dixit

Even though I have never read “Mills and Boon” stories but this book must be close to them based on whatever I have heard about them. Varsha Dixit is first time author and in her book “Right Fit Wrong Shoe”, she has captured urban middle class life with lots of cynicism and fun. This is one book where every chapter has a Bollywood movie name as title. There is a good amount of hindi dialogues throughout the book and lots of acronyms that I could not understand, many of them are cuss words. In summary, lot of crap but a fun book to read.

The story essentially is about rich boy meets poor (not so much) girl. Both of them fight with each other but slowly realize their love for each other. After that a misunderstanding, revenge, fights, jealousy and a happy ending. Along with that, there are friends, families, lecherous colleagues, attempted rape, parties and all the possible masala. Sometimes, I wonder whether the book was written based on a movie story or written so that a movie can be made on this. Dialogues are too dramatic, scenes are just out of movie setting and theme a perfect for song and dance ritual. There are also references to Bollywood movies and the way dramatic scenes are enacted in movies. I also wonder whether urban India is really like this. If it is, then I seem to have missed it by a long distance or maybe it is generation gap.

Even after all this, I enjoyed reading the book as long as I do not worry too much about details of the story. It was literally a breezy read.


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