Where Do You Like To Read? Fixed Place Or Anywhere

Where do I like to read? Actually, most of my reading has happened when I am lying down in my bed just before sleeping in night. A habit that I acquired many-many years ago and is still continuing. Some times it can be few minutes or sometimes it can be for hours but I read everyday before going to sleep. So, for me it is mostly the bed and lying down while reading. But there have been other places where I have enjoyed reading as well.

Sitting under the shade of a tree, with sunlight filtering through the leaves and a gentle breeze and listening to chirping of birds is probably the best place to read for me. It is difficult to get these moments but whenever I have found such places to sit and read, I have always cherished them. Time just stops at such moments and you are transported to another world in such an environment. I have also enjoyed sitting in balcony in evening with a cup of tea and a book to keep me engaged and if it is raining outside, it is really great experience. Sometimes, there can be soft music in the background as well to give you company.

I have also done some reading while travelling or waiting for an appointment but that has not worked so much for me. I tend to get distracted in such environment and not able to read much, though sometimes it can be a great way to pass the time. I have seen some people standing and reading in trains. This is something I could never do. I always need a place to sit or lie down to read.

New technology has also created new methods of reading and now people listen to books on their Ipods while walking or driving. Not my ideal way but I guess it is better than worrying about traffic.



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10 responses to “Where Do You Like To Read? Fixed Place Or Anywhere

  1. I really like the post where you don’t write about a specific book, like this one and the one about names! Or well I’m sure the ones where you actually do write about one book are great too but I haven’t had a look at them yet 😉 Awesome blog! 🙂


  2. blanca

    I enjoy reading sitting near a lake, while enjoying the tranquility of the water or in my car where I can park near a shady spot and listen to soft music.


  3. I like to read on my porch or my couch. I absolutely cannot read in bed because I will fall asleep in two seconds flat!


    • pkg

      I guess some people read in bed to get to sleep faster. I wonder whether our interpretation of book would be different if we read it at different places.


  4. Anywhere where I don’t have to focus my eyes elsewhere! 😉 I’ve even been known to go sit out on one of my horses (bareback and no halter or bridle) and read while they graze. LOL. It’s actually an AMAZING experience.


    • pkg

      Wow, that is an amazing place to read as long as horse does not feel like running.


      • That’s only happened once. I ride bareback most of the time, so I just dropped my book and held on to Stardust’s mane. It was actually very exhilarating (taken down one peg by the fact Stardust knows when I slouch down into my butt it means stop). No worries, though. The dropped book didn’t get bent! LOL


      • pkg

        That seems like quite an experience. Even though I am not into horse riding but someday I should try it out.


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