Deepak Chopra’s “Ageless Body Timeless Mind”

Even though I had heard of Deepak Chopra before and have listened to some of his interviews on TV, I had never read anything written by him before. This book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” caught my attention and I am really glad of reading this book. This is slightly a different type of self-help book where he is specifically dealing with the concept of aging of human body and how we can have better control over it.

He has used research results from various fields as well as examples of societies from all over the world to show that aging process is not same for everybody. In some societies, life-style helps people to age better and people remain active till very old age where as in some other cultures it is quite opposite. His thoughts are that we human beings should be aware of our own aging process and being in touch with our own self and making some slight adjustments to our life-style itself can improve our health and help us to age better. The techniques that he has mentioned are very simple to follow and practice.

He also discusses on how life of human beings is not one life but a combination of millions of cells which are taking birth and dying all the time in the human body. His idea is that our own thoughts can make these cells sick or healthy making their life small or large thereby increasing the age of human body itself. As is with most of the popular self-help books, narrative style makes a lot of difference. If the author can make things look simpler to do and execute and can relate to the common problems people face, people will come back to read and will like the book. In this aspect, the author has done a good job here.

The parts in the book where he uses advanced concepts of physics like quantum mechanics and entropy baffled me and I really could not relate to those concepts. It almost looked like a desperate attempt to relate psychological concepts to physical sciences which is probably not required.



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