Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort Of History Of The United States

This is one of the craziest books I have ever read. Dave Barry is an American author and satirist. His humor and satire is really over the top. If he gets after somebody then God help that person or country. I have read some of his books earlier but “Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of The United States” is really unbelievable. In this book the author has written about his own take on the history of United States and made it so crazy that you end up laughing all the time. At the same time, the irony of many things is very clear.

First thing he did in the book is throw away all the dates of history. All the events in this history book happen on 8th October. He has some very specific things to say on the names of various American Presidents and he can really make them funny. Even though the book is in chronological order and traces back the history of formation of United States and you can relate to various events that have happened in the past few hundred years but the accuracy with the history ends there. Each event has some irony associated with it.

As an example, when he writes about historic treaty between Reagan and Gorbachev about reduction of nuclear weapons and bringing an end to cold war, he says that Reagan signed the historic agreement with Gorbachev “that enormously enhanced the prospects of world peace by prohibiting the either side from ever publicly noticing the huge mark on Mr. Gorbachev’s head”. This is Dave Barry style where two completely unrelated things are written about.

This book is to be read for its craziness and complete nonsense. This is a unique way to create interest about history.



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4 responses to “Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort Of History Of The United States

  1. i adore dave barry’s humor! i haven’t read this one yet but i definitely will 🙂


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