Will The Meeting With Extra-Terrestrials Be Like Carl Sagan’s “Contact”

I have been avoiding this genre for quite sometime in my blogging. At one point of time, I was crazy about science fiction stories and Issac Asimov was my favorite author. I will cover some of his books later, but today it is another author. Carl Sagan became a household name with his TV series on popular science topics “Cosmos”. His way of narration on TV and making things simpler for layman were his best-selling points. The book “Contact” is a science fiction story about the meeting of extra-terrestrial life forms with human beings.

In the story, human beings start receiving messages from space and slowly they manage to start understanding them. They get series of instructions to construct a spaceship that will allow few of the people to travel to meet this much more technologically advanced life-form. According to the story, the crew of this ship indeed goes and meets these life-forms but the observers of the ship do not see it moving from outside. The end of the story gets very complicated with conspiracy theories and interpretation of messages in particular ways.

For me, the idea of meeting with another life-form in the story was very exciting. The way the author has handled the messages and construction of the ship are truly amazing and you tend to believe it completely. But after that the story goes into some kind of overdrive. I got the feeling that the author got confused about whether to accept the reality of extra-terrestrial life-forms or God or leave it undefined.

I saw the movie as well but could not appreciate it as much. I think many parts of the book were removed from the movie.

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  1. I have been meaning to post something like this on my blog and this gave me an idea. Cheers.


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