What I Discovered In “The Lost Symbol” By Dan Brown

Coming after “The Da Vinci Code”, this book was bound to generate lot of interest and it did become very popular but it is definitely not the same, specifically due to the final climax which leaves everybody desiring for something else. “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown is once again a thriller where his earlier hero Robert Langdon is trying to figure out the symbolism and code words in a chase where he is being threatened for his life. Dan Brown has the knack of creating chapters that reveal his story bit by bit and at the end of the chapter leaves you asking for more. It is extremely difficult to keep down the book once you start reading it.

In the story, Robert Langdon and the villain of the story are searching for the secret symbol of freemasons that is supposed to hide the secret to unleash human potential. The chase is as usual good and the author has made it interesting by involving Government agencies, research institutes and myths behind secret societies.

What I discovered in the book though was “Noetic Science”. It is the science of human consciousness and looks for research in areas of extending human capabilities and integrated healing. The idea that our “thoughts” can result in physical changes is a wonderful concept described in the book. Some of these ideas are being written about by many authors now. “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne is also one such book but more about that some other time. Also, the experiment where a person dies in enclosed air-tight chamber to see whether soul exists and if it does, whether the weight will change was really amazing.

Even though this book is a work of fiction, discovering these ideas and then reading about them was the best part of this book for me. I did not like the story as much and I felt that there was lot of avoidable gruesome violence.


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6 responses to “What I Discovered In “The Lost Symbol” By Dan Brown

  1. nice review 🙂 will make sure to keep my eyes on your blog 😉


  2. Wow some of the info of this post is news to me.thank you for updating me.


  3. i tried reading your website from my xperia x10 but it wasnt visible properly.is your website mobile supported?


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